Bull Sluice

Wedged between a shoulder and a shoal, Bull Sluice is a slice of the Chattooga River served up among several comfortable rocks and topped with sunshine. Rock in the river just above US 76 is bedded facing upstream. That helps catch the river and funnel it into one primary chute with a rock shoulder on river right named Big Georgia that serves as a modest launch with about six feet of vertical. The deep part of the pool is long, about 35 feet, but narrow. Leapers must aim for a sweet spot between a submerged point of rock and the shoal.

Be Advised: water will be moving. As soon as you surface, you need to start swimming to shore. Fatalities have occurred when people enter at unsuitably high levels.

Sunning rocks number about five, most are on the far side. The most accessible place to stretch out trailside is Decapitation Rock, immediately at the bottom of some slippery rock you have to descend to reach the river. Plan on a steady flow of visitors. The trail extends upriver from a large parking area on the South Carolina side. It’s about five minutes along and well signed.

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