Davidson River

It’s a hole greater than the sum of its parts. The cascade above is pleasant to look at. The rock forming it is smooth and attractive. The water filling it is clean, clear wilderness runoff. The trees surrounding it are nicely spaced and there is a convenient plot of land slightly above to behold it all. In combination, the result is almost startling.

An oval incised into the Davidson River, it’s about 45 feet long and 12 feet wide at the waterline, even wider below water where ledges are undercut by as much as six feet! Depth is nine feet with excellent visibility. Loads of rock on river left for relaxing. The river faces east — not desirable — but the orientation gives it a really enchanting dappled light. The rock is highly banded and folded by metamorphosis. Quite pretty.

The gloriously smooth rock would make a killer waterslide but for the deadfall landed in the stream. Also, those undercuts will produce dangerous hydraulics if the water is moving fast. It’s along a popular trail that can have as many as 32 cars at the trailhead. The good news is that many will be on a trail the travel above the fall.

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