Dead Cow

Beautiful point bar with so much sand, it would take every dump truck in Rabun County to carry it off. It’s a crescent shaped pool where the river curves due south below a long riffle. Water will get to about seven feet deep facing due east, opposite the point bar. There you will find some low rocks you can cannon ball off, but this place has little vertical description. The bar is probably 200 feet long, depending on water levels. Some sycamores have popped up in the bank along with interspersed boulders, but, like the bottom of the pool, it’s generally clear of obstructions.

It’s an easy hike, 15 minutes down. No bushwhacking to speak of, yet the only tracks I saw on the sand were from deer. Huge, wide open sky, water and sand. Excellent place for the family picnic, or to come down and overnight on the terrace up above. Almost an excellent swimming hole. Too bad it does not have a rock for jumping.

Also, there’s an OK beach at the bottom of Water Gauge Road. But no deep water. Downstream, around the corner is another good pocket of sand that’s accessible to deep water.

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