Dry River

A spring under the principal diving rock keeps the hole filled with water, even during drought. Buck Rexrode, a lifelong resident of Rockingham County said that until a flood in 1985 there was a tunnel you could swim through. Rexrode, a former state boxing champ in the 133-pound class, was considerably more hydrodynamic than his current outline, pictured above.

“The flood tilted the rock back five or ten degrees to where a good ol’ boy like me can’t get through there no more.”
Rexrode has been a regular at Blue Hole even since before he was born. His father was from Franklin, WV and his mother was from Harrisonburg, VA. Blue Hole was approximately midway and that’s where the young couple got together one summer day in 1958.

“My mother always told me the reason I was so small was that half of me floated down the Dry River during conception.” Rexrode still honors the place by spending afternoons fishing with his son and picking up the odd pieces of litter that roadside swimming holes like this collect.

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