Fish Top Falls

The boating access at the Green River acts as a bozo filter for Fish Top Falls. Gobs of people choke the beach at the boat access — beer coolers, boom boxes and all the rest. The good news is that the dumb fun downstream prevents the less distinguished bathers from cluttering the really good spot upstream at Fish Top.

A few minutes up from the boat access is a sweet place where the water goes all the way to the bottom. A nice wall of live rock on river left has, for the past couple of hundred years, been kicking off large boulders. Some form a line across the river and produce the modest fall, but one huge boulder, the size of a cabin, rolled into the river downstream from the fall. It forces the river back on itself hard enough to cut out a nice hole with a deep channel running out the bottom – right where the jumping rock is. Not much vertical, though. Eight feet maybe, depending on water levels.

And water levels can vary, especially on the hottest days of summer when Duke Power releases water from a private upstream dam to generate peak power for air conditioning. Call 828-698-2068 before making the trip
Bonus feature: again depending on water levels there may be a twoperson island of sand at the top of the hole.

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