Hamilton Hollow

As many as 100 people will visit the cascade on Twenty Mile Creek during summer weekends. It’s main value is as a bozo filter that prevents people from walking a couple of hundred yards upstream to a darling little pool that does merit a review.

It’s at a sharp bend in the creek with a low rock wall on the far side. A beach on the near side is held together by a rhodo thicket. Both prevent the sort of cobble and clutter that fill so many creeks in this part of the country. The tub is completed by a 12-foot tall, perfectly vertical boulder that squeezes the stream just so that, as it rushes around the boulder, it augers out a nice tub at the foot of the large rock.

A little less than one-half mile farther on is another pool, not worth its own review, but worth a look. A typical rock ledge splits the creek in two and sends it tumbling into one-half dozen Jaccuzi’s with water entering at different depths and angles which almost seem therapeutically designed. There’s the rotator cuff seat. Below that is the lumbar lounge and upstream to the left is a neck massage station – all of it in cold water that’ll reduce swelling, even if it isn’t as relaxing as the 110 degree spa at your gym. Oh, the lowest pool is well suited for treatment of ACL. Make sure you don’t strain your own on the way down. The approach is short and steep. Plan on bouncing off some rhodo to slow your descent.

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