Hunt Fish Falls

Rock so smooth and beautiful, you’ll want to lick it. The main fall spills Lost Cove Creek into a basin, turns 90 degrees and spills once more into a wide angle of water with a sand bottom below and the Carolina sky above. The pool is funnel shaped, facing northeast and around 70 feet long. The right bank is a perfect collar of bedrock that stretches beyond the pool. All sorts of little pockets and buckets to sit down on and relax. Close to a classic swimming hole, but lacks the depth and height, plus privacy is only moderate during the season.

The main hole is not profound, but suitable for a low-altitude cannon ball right under the fall. Beware of a submerged ledge on river right, just under the launch. Entry and exit is a bit complicated at this part of the hole, ‘cause the rock, though less than six feet high, is steep. Look for a crack toward the bottom that you can use to regain the ledge. Best wear sport sandals with sticky rubber. Alternately, scramble around from river left and climb over a tributary creek, down the woods 10 or 15 yards past a fire ring, and look for red trail tape leading you around to the bottom where the entry and exit is less complicated.

Oh, one note on the licking bit. Geologists frequently moisten a rock sample so the crystals show up better in the hand lens. So go ahead. Lick the rock.

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