Indian Creek

Indian Creek Falls has a pool that’ll delight kids under 10 years old. It’s around 50 feet wide. There’s no impound other than a line of rock that people piled across the hem of the pool, improving depth to five or six feet. Adults can enjoy it sitting down, kids at any posture. The fall is a cascade 15 to 20 feet high and at a 50-degree angle. The surface is too rough for a slide, but might work with an innertube. That’s why the park service has posted signs that say “No Tubing.”

The officially sanctioned tubing launch is at the confluence with Deep Creek. And there are a couple of slow spots along Deep Creek that pool up pretty well, though none is as nice as Indian Creek. Even so, it gets the lowest rating in this book based on lack of depth and heavy usership. Seating is limited to a beat down spot among the laurels and there’s a devil of a lot of visitors.

Nevertheless, it’s good for kids and folks that don’t have lots of endurance. Bottom line: If you don’t spend lots of time outdoors and this is your first trip to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, come to Deep Creek and Indian Creek Falls.

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