Judy Hole

A low-angle cascade about 12 feet high and 100 feet long fills fan-shaped pool with a sand and mud bottom. Deepest place will be about six feet at the confluence of small, intermittent stream entering from the southeast. The rock cascade doesn’t seem steep enough for a slide. Standard woodland setting: Dense canopy, lots of shade with some live rock visible in a 10 to 15 foot outcrop on river left, or the southern bank. The canyon runs east to west and gets some good sun. In sum, it’s visually pretty nice.

Along the trail you’ll find a significant rock ledge, one that’s undercut by 10 feet or more. Likely more than 100 generations have bivouacked under this ledge and built a fire to warm themselves. Contemporaries left their own artifacts, some 40-oz. beer cans. When I visited, somebody had tried to be considerate and filled a trash bag, but neglected to pack out. Raccoons seemed pleased with the oversight. Garbage was spread all over the place. Which leads to an important point, this part of the Broad River is frequently used for recreation. There will be at least one-half dozen people on a summer weekend.

Nothing to take your breath away and probably not worth a special trip, but if you’re interested in the Broad River Trail, then Judy Hole merits a stop.

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