Lower Upper Creek

Best hole on this part of Upper Creek. A perfectly smooth thumb of rock intrudes into the middle of pool. It curves about eight feet and 80 degrees, forcing the water into a short cascade that feeds a deep pool, 20 feet wide and eight feet long. Lots of bedrock slopes in from river right, and extends all of the way into the river bottom. On the river left is a rock about the size of a dump truck that you could jump from, but it’s heavily vegetated.

The amount of rhodo and the angles make usability a little difficult. There are a few tricky steps going down, but nothing major. Not much stuff to lounge on. Best way in is to come up from the bottom and swim in. Water here is moving. Anything less than low levels will push a swimmer out. Levels of about 20 cubic feet per second or lower are good. Plan on bringing river shoes, rather than barefooting it.

Upper Creek certainly gets used. But litter was light when reviewed.

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