Lynn Camp

Here is the place to go if you want an easily accessible destination, but can’t bear the crowds at Indian Creek. The Lynn Camp Prong feeds the Middle Prong of the Little River. A long process of falls runs along a fin of bedrock with a nice slab tilted at 40 degrees toward the creek. Water continues 50 feet in a horsetail and lands in the pool 20 feet wide and chest deep. It makes a beautiful channel.

The better spots are immediately above the main cascade. They’re three spots that are a little tighter, tucked a little deeper and just a bit harder to see from the trail. Two of the three are tubs, 10 feet wide and six feet deep smack in the center. The middle of the three is more robust, big enough to swim a couple of strokes, and for that, it can be called a pool rather than simply a tub.

Above it is a proud little cascade, about 15 linear feet. Roiling water from that runs up against a couple large boulders and that’s what creates the feature. It’s easy entry and exit. This one is the best choice for an afternoon on Lynn Camp Prong. The cascade faces southwest and the adjoining slab of rock gets plenty of sun, a nice place to get toasty. Good thing, too. Water is chill. The trout are happy, but the people have blue lips.

Lynn Camp Prong is far from secret, though. If adventure or privacy are important to you, look elsewhere.

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