Middle Snowbird

An authentic backcountry destination. The middle fall on Snowbird Creek is 60 feet wide with lots of sky overhead and brite sun all day long. The fault face is 30 feet across and around 12 feet high. It’s visually intriguing, too. The pool is shaped like a teardrop, while the rock cleavages are especially smooth and straight. Most of the rock fall is the size of a major home appliance.

The devil is there’s no place you can take a running leap and land in deep water. All of those washing machine and refrigerator-esque boulders that’ve fallen into the riverbed catch too much cobble and fill. Great place to wade and splash, but it’ll probably only be overhead deep immediately in front of the fall.

Good place to work on your tan, but there’s not lots of room to toss out your blanket. Very user friendly, though. Easy entry and exit, not any hazard like a sieve or hydraulic downstream that’ll kill you if you get swept out. In fact the volume of the pool will absorb so much velocity, that the limiting seasonal factor is temperature rather than water level.

Note: The amount of mountain laurel can be a nuisance.

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