Milagrosa Canyon

Bigger than Texas and with lots more depth. Pools are well shaded and apparently perennial. There are three of them separated by about 300 feet of elevation. The lower pool is an oval 25 feet on the major axis. On the right is a sand beach about 100 square feet. Nice ledges but none good enough for reclining. The left ledge is 45 feet high while another wall rises 200 feet. Diving is limited by rocks that overhang the water, so there’s a substantial risk of clipping one on the way down, even though the water is plenty deep to stop a falling body.

The depth of the lower pool is a function of the middle pool which catches lots of the sand and gravel. So this middle pool is not as deep, but has really good sand pockets with cottonwoods as well as a ledge 10 feet wide with virtually unlimited seating. The upper fall is the real prize. It comes down a tube carved into the rock and cores out a tank of water about 35 feet long and 25 feet wide. Jumps are many. It’s easy in and easy out via a rock collar with a sandy fringe.

You’ll likely find 10 to 20 people on the weekend, but that number is easily accommodated by the three falls. Milagrosa Canyon is a classic by any measure.

Bonus Feature: You pass a popular sport climbing spot on the way. Difficulty ranges from 5.8 to 5.11b.

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