Pavlov's Dogs

You’ll salivate, too. These are a couple of holes close together. The lower fall (pictured above) is about 30 feet high and it fills a pool of about that width. Plenty of shade from a couple of pretty cedars and willows, plus a nice lounging rock on left side that’s close to 40 square feet and situated right under a big, mature cedar. A diving rock 10 feet high adjoins the lounging slab and stands right over the fat end of the hole.

Upper Pavlov is even better. A fall about 45 feet high cascades into a hole that would retain water even if it didn’t rain until the next ice age. It’s shaped like an isosceles triangle, 25 feet from the apex to the base and 45 feet wide at the base. Ample lounging rocks on both sides are deeply shaded. The only negative is that sloping sides of the hole itself don’t offer any really good platforms from which to launch. Best jumping is at the lower pool.

The upper hole is reached by scrambling up a gully to the left of the first hole. Very loose rock and a steep angle. Continue bushwhacking to the left, switching back and forth on narrow, crumbly ledges. You’ll gain a ledge with a faint trail that leads to the right and delivers you to the second hole. Also, visit a small fall just above the upper hole where a pair of large boulders pinch the water, causing it to hollow out a six-foot deep tub.

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