Rapid Transit

One deep son of a beach. The shallow end is about 10 feet to the bottom. A steep series of rapids enters a hole shaped like an equilateral triangle. Beautiful dimension, and at the end of the pool is a boulder that’s the size of a 3-axle truck turned on its side. The resulting hydraulic scoops out a huge bunch of river bed. Live rock lines the river left, or near side. Some broken, less continuous rock forms the river right. The fall faces 140 degrees, so it gets good morning and afternoon light. Big open sky for lots of summer sun. A jumping rock is in the foreground of the photo.

It’s almost a classic swimming hole, except there’s lots of settlement upstream and the source is dam release. A light coat of silt covers submerged rocks. The spur trail is steep and muddy. Three points of contact means digging in both heels while you’re sliding on your butt. You’ll be grabbing at lots of laurel trunks to keep from falling, and if you don’t go down at least once, you’re probably on the wrong trail.

When water is being discharged, it’s popular with kayakers. Ledges appear undercut which can be a safety problem and there’s a big sieve downstream, so use caution if water is moving.

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