Raven Fork

The top of the gorge contains lots of large boulders, many of them only recently separated from the canyon walls. The best pool occurs below a pair of boulders notched together at a 40-degree angle. The hole is generally round and about 40 feet wide. Water eddies in the main channel with a hard rock bottom and uneven contours, but one that’s consistently seven to eight feet deep. There is only one good jump, but you need to get some good horizontal clearance.

Some of the bedrock forms a nice collar about 20 feet wide and bedded vertically at a low angle toward the flow of river. That also helps with the impound. Sunning slabs point northeast, making this the place to go on hot days. All the lounging is on river left, most of it heavily shaded. One place on the descent even has a roof.

It’s on the descent from river left. (You can also reach the hole from the right bank, but it’s a scramble.) The boulder is roofed by eight feet of overhang and is about four feet high. You have to crawl under to reach the lounging space just above the hole. It even has a patch of sand about the size of a twin bed.

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