Sycamore Canyon

The first good swimming hole occurs just after Summers Spring. You’ll notice the trail turns to the west as you head upstream. On the left is a north-south ridge about 200 feet high which forces a hairpin turn in the creek. On the western side of the ridge the water has created a hole deep enough for submarine races. Wide and long, too. It spans 50 feet and stretches for nearly 250 feet in some places.

Look for a couple of diving ledges at six feet and at 15 feet on a terrace opposite the trail. There’s tremendous, if not inconvenient seating on the terrace. Trailside, there’s sand and cobble. Scattered shade, but mostly lots of sky. You can duck into willows for comfort from the heat. Also look for sand benches to the west and northwest.

Just under one mile upstream is a set of west-facing limestone ledges. Below is a beautiful hole, 100 feet long and 30 feet wide. Sand and cobble in the bottom. Gorgeous place. You’ll find it a couple of hundred yards above where the canyon dog legs to the east. Parsons Springs is 1¼ miles farther up the canyon. Above the spring, the amount of water in the canyon diminishes considerably.

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