Three Forks

Somewhere there exists a nicer place to lie down on a summer afternoon, but I’ve never seen it.

The three noisy creeks that join to form a stem of the Chattooga are more notable for the dry parts than the wet ones. First, is an elevated picnic platform that’s round, flat, forested and completely surrounded with moving water. Dimension is 80 feet by 30 feet. Below, one of the tributary creeks tends to produce a pocket of sand, oriented due west, and sloping into the water so that your body will be angled in the optimal attitude toward the afternoon sun, while water mingles between your toes. What’s more, there’s a great camping spot at the bottom of the trail, but an appropriate distance from the water as to be compatible with low-impact ethics.

The swimming holes, however, only rate as good. Water moves fast and a there’s no impound to contain it. The best prospect is the fall of the end of Holcomb Creek. Note that the level shown in the photo is probably too high to swim safely. Also, note a wall of rock downstream the stretches for 40 linear feet creates a pool deep enough for a dip, but not a leap.

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