A beautiful piece of bedrock 50 or 60 linear feet, wraps in a semi circle with deep water on both sides. There’s a good impound at the bottom, a long bench of rock that makes this a swimming hole rather than just a cascade. Cove Creek enters on the beach side and the Davidson River slides down on river right. The hole is rectangular, 40 feet long and 20 feet wide, at least the top portion is. The deep water extends beyond the main hole another 40 or 50 feet, doubling its size.

Vertical description is limited to a chunk of rock that gives a ride of three to four feet. Not a jumping spot, more like hop in and cool off. It’s a little difficult getting from the water back to the top. Look for a crack on river right that you can clamber up. Visibility in the water is six feet or better with some evidence of nutrients that will produce light moss and dark algae later in the season as water slows and warms. A camping bench immediately adjacent to the swimming hole is the way most people get back to the top of the cascade. There’s a good chance that, even with water shoes you’ll slip back into the water if you scramble straight up the rock.

Plenty of room to sit, probably 300 to 400 square feet comprising the top of the fall and rock at the bottom. More than enough seating to hold a party, and I’m certain that it does. All the locals know this place and visit often.

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