Wildcat Fall

Of the three short falls on Slickrock Creek, the middle is the better, even if the bottom one is the more popular because it’s more usable. The middle one is difficult to get into and out of. But it’s got a clear bottom, unlittered with freestone, smooth as a mason’s trowel could make it and streaked with quartz veins. The sweet spot is 12 by 20 and 10 feet deep. Stone on the river right is 15 feet tall with plunge potential. Plenty of seating above on smooth stone inclined south, toward the upper cascade.

The lower spot is not as deep, maybe six feet in a narrow sweet spot. It’s a cobble bottom, 35 to 40 feet wide, nice and round with a big northern sky. And there’s a smooth stone shoulder at the bottom of a short spur trail. Nice for relaxing.

The trail down is three miles and 1,500 vertical feet, but it’s well maintained and frequently traveled. North Carolina resident Andy Vandam (pictured leaping) and his friends made the trip twice. “All us came down here yesterday; three of us hiked back up.” For fun? “No, we left the beer in the truck.”

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