Wilson Creek Gorge

Would-be classics. Best is the uppermost where a lovely semi-circular fall roars into a plunge pool, then into a deep wide crescent of water. On either side are opposing rock slopes that are as smooth as poured concrete and angled at the perfect dip for an inclined body. The middle hole is 70 feet wide at the hem with long, sloping slabs that join the pool. Nothing steep to jump from, but the real trouble is that the river is so close to the road. Wilson Creek Gorge gets lots of visitors. Lots.

Alan Philyaw of Lenore recalled one April trip to Wilson Gorge: “Me and a friend laid out of school and went down there with a couple of girls. I was the only one with shorts for swimming, but one dare led to another and all four of us were skinny dipping when the deputy came up on us. He gave us a good talking to and told our parents, but he didn’t take us back to school.“ Why?Philyaw smiled. “One of the girls was the principal’s daughter.”

Follow directions on the road map to State Route 181 in Morgantown. Drive north on SR 181 for 11.2 mi to Brown Mountain Beach Rd. Turn right 5.1 mi to SR 1328 and Wilson Creek. Turn left up the creek and, after less than 2 mi, you’ll see a series of holes over the one-mile length of Wilson Creek Gorge.

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